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Midnight Train Photography was founded by Rose Athena Allan-McCachen in 2013. Clients in Midnight Train's first year include Blake, Cassels, and Graydon LLP, Apparel & Sacs, LA Models, and Rebel Outdoor Landscaping.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Rose studied photography at San Francisco State University and Concordia University. During these years she interned at Juxtapoz Magazine and Vice Magazine. After completing her degree, Rose worked as a staff photographer at Artona portrait studios in Vancouver, and as an assistant photographer to Erik Ian and Dimitri Newman in Los Angeles. Rose has produced shoots for Agent Provocateur, Jaguar, Roxy, John Casablancas, and Established Models London, and has been a team member on editorial and e-commerce shoots for Milk, Vibe, Vans, Goop, The Knot, London Times, LA Magazine, Mother Denim, and Beyond Yoga. 

Accessible across the nation, Midnight Train Photography is equipped with the skilled experience, creative connections and technical tools required to realize your photographic needs from start to finish. 

Midnight Train on Instagram: @midnighttrainphoto